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Art Takes on Time

Art is an invaluable part of our culture that makes living each and every day intriguing and deeply pleasurable. Whether it is cinema, dance, music, poetry, or the visual arts, the creation of an artist does more than teach us about beauty or history. Art gives us the ability to broaden our horizons and discover new things about ourselves and our direction as a species. The more each of us awakens to the potential of art in our lives as a tool for exploration and instruction, the broader our definition of art tends to become.

Our movement into the post-modern era has also served as a means for widening the scope of art. Subjectivity was always a part of the aesthetic experience in relationship to art. However, the 21st century has ushered in a freedom for artist that is unprecedented in art history. The taboos seem to have melted away, and the idea of single movements has all but dissolved. Thanks to the Internet and the various advances of the information age, we are allowed to embrace ideas of plurality in terms of the subject matter that is acceptable for art. It is certain that the freedom which artists have been striving for since the start of the 1900’s is finally being realized in ways that even they would not have been able to imagine.

Although some may be resistant to some of the changes that have occurred in the art world due to the repercussions on the “value” of art, its inherent value cannot ever be shaken at its foundations. Since the birth of consciousness, mankind has dedicated time to making art. This fact is unlikely to change. Expression is virtually universal; though the means and media for giving expression concrete form may morph and change, its sovereignty in regard to existing as an art form will always be beyond reproach.

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